Sunday Services

CrossA typical service starts with a short Bible reading to prepare us for worship.

There will be singing, mainly contemporary worship songs and sometimes traditional hymns. Singing is usually led by guitars, occasionally piano and organ.

There will be prayer and thanksgiving with local, national and international focus.

A collection is taken: an opportunity for regular attenders to contribute to the needs of the church and to other causes that we support.  Visitors should not feel embarrassed, or obliged to give!

There will be one or more Bible readings, and a talk (usually 20-30 minutes) drawing out how the Bible passage applies to us today.

There will be Sunday School teaching and activities for children during the talk.

After the service those who wish are invited to stay for refreshments in the church hall, where there is a bookstall which also stocks a range of attractive cards.

Not every service follows this pattern. Sometimes there are special all-age services with highly visual content.